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Masters Level Intern

Johanan Odhner (he/him) is a second career master's student in counseling psychology at Temple University.


Every person experiences dis-ease and pain at times. Whether you are dealing with the accumulated stress of daily life, an unwanted habit you can’t shake, or a deeper sense of suffering, Johanan believes that greater ease and healing are possible for you. He approaches counseling with the values of humility, respect, and curiosity for your experience, and believes that through authentic listening and collaborative exploration you can discover a more spacious sense of freedom in your life and achieve your goals.
Dr. Cecelia Baldwin, LPC: Meet the Team

Listed below is a partial list of expertise

Adolescent Development


Educational Programing


Difficulties with Self-Esteem

Family Conflict
Teen Violence
Parenting Issues
Behavioral Issues
Life Transitions
Anger Management
Stress Management

Dr. Cecelia Baldwin, LPC: Text
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