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About us 

There are many reasons why going to therapy can seem scary.  If you are (or have been) afraid to go to therapy, rest assured that you are not alone. Overcoming fear takes courage and vulnerability which is the first step in facilitating change and personal growth. New Narratives offers a free phone consultation which may be used to address fears and concerns related to engaging in the therapeutic process. 

Our team of compassionate, dedicated therapists are committed to helping you heal and grow through life's many challenges. At New Narratives it is our goal to help individuals, couples, and families feel empowered to take control of their lives, effectively cope with challenges, and make positive changes. 

New Narratives offers affordable therapeutic services and offers weekend and evening appointments to help accommodate your schedule. Rates differ according to therapist and length of session, with a typical session being 50 minutes in length.

Mental health service

We Heal here.

The future depends on what you do today. 

Mahatma Ghandi

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